The classical crossover world enjoys many an accomplished vocal performer. Occasionally you discover someone who not only exhibits a mastery of their craft, but the ability to leave an imprint on your soul. It is a tear in the voice, a warmth, or a color that draws you in. It sets them apart. This is the experience of hearing three-time Billboard charting recording artist Jason Antone.

Antone’s new album Inside My Heart was recorded with a full orchestra at the famous Ocean Way Recording Studios in Nashville with arrangements by Dove Award nominee Phillip Keveren.  While the album showcases Jason’s linguistic versatility, he sings in five different languages, it is moments like the title track that become uniquely personal for the listener - a memoriam to the ones we have loved and lost.  

Other stand-out tracks are L'amour Existe Encore, an international hit for Céline Dion, The Prayer featuring Helen Hayes Award winner Nova Y. Payton, Come What May, a duet with Tony Award Winner Levi Kreis, and Romanza - a tribute to Andrea Bocelli, one of Antone’s primary inspirations.  From start to finish, Jason Antone’s classical crossover debut is impeccable and destined to make its mark.